Being “tenacious” has come to mind as a good subject for my 1st blog post, as it’s taken hours upon hours for me to be able to learn what I needed to do to set up my site & then to customize it & to publish this post.  Yes, I had to “throw in the towel” & go & do other things before I could continue the tedious process.  If I could just talk to a person, I kept thinking, but only the “chat” option was available.  That communication did accomplish deleting a 2nd website, which I was told was a freebie, really?  I have opted to keep the “paid for” site, which is the one I chose first. Why didn’t I change my mind, I’m now thinking!

Back to the main subject reminds me that I will need to “season my tenacity” with a sense of humor & with good manners.  Aw, now I can understand why this noun has to become one my best traits, if not the best.

Now, I’m getting ready to really experience being tenacious, as writing daily will be the preparation necessary to sharpen my pen & quicken my spirit to never, ever give up!!

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