We often hear people say, “I need to sort this out”; referring to some conflict or problem they are dealing with.  I agree that “sorting” or compartmentalizing is a good way to not be “stuck” or immobilized by some situation, as then we are able to continue to function in our daily routines & that’s good.

Right now I’m in the process of sorting out my own schedule in order to write creatively.  I’m thankful for the ideas that I’ve written down & for the short stories that I’ve been composing.

The Author Natalie Goldberg has just come to mind who wrote “Writing down the bones”.  Don’t you just love that title?  Now where did I put that book?

Speaking of sorting. . .I realize that’s exactly what I need to do with my books & other materials that will be helpful to me in creative writing.

Sounds like a good plan to end today’s very full schedule!






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