I awoke this morning wanting to complete a couple of my projects on my list before writing, as it’s been a busy weekend.  My first project was to sand & paint a chair that I’ve had for quite a while just sitting in our garage awaiting its “fresh new look”.

As I was sanding & then painting, I realized that I was becoming more & more aware of the intrinsic beauty of this old chair that previously I’d just set out in the back yard without giving it any kind of “makeover”.  By the time I was finished with the sanding & the painting, I was in love with this old piece of furniture & it now has a prominent place on my front porch.  Then I began to ask myself what happened?

The chair is not a feeling, living being; but the more I poured my energy & my love into its makeover, the more I became connected with it & the “project” became less of a “project” and more of a labor of love.  Wow!

And, the happy ending to this story is that I even had a proud moment to “show it off” to a neighbor & her mother who both liked it.

But they didn’t fall in love with it like I have.

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