A loved one remembered

My feelings this morning are a mixture of sadness & disappointment.  Sadness, because I received news yesterday that my Aunt Maurice, at 93 years old, has passed away.  And disappointment, because I had hoped to be able to go & visit with her this past year.

Her family & mine were close when I was growing up, as she & her husband got married on the same day that my parents did.  And, I remember purchasing my very first car from her husband, my Uncles James, who looked very much like my Dad.

I also have wonderful memories of our families being at Grandmother’s home on Christmas Day & of watching our Grandmother open box after box of chocolate covered cherries – her favorite candy.  Thankfully, those moments have been captured on home videos, & Maurice would always try to hide or turn away when my Dad got out the family movie camera.  She is the last member of my Grandmother Phillips’ children/spouses to pass away.

I took this picture of everyone several years ago, Maurice is the one shown in the photo holding onto a walker.  What a blessing she was to so many.DSCN0817_1865

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