Getting through a day

Yesterday, while attending a meeting at my church I spoke up & gave an opinion that not everyone agreed with.  After doing so, I experienced a painful knot in the pit of my stomach like never before.  Thinking about it this morning, I decided to reread from Sue Patton Thoele’s book, The Courage to Be Yourself.  It really spoke to exactly how I was  feeling.

Thinking about another incident that happened yesterday makes me aware that being on guard was the tone of the day.  While driving on the freeway there was a broom, yes it was a broom, that flew out of the pickup truck in front of me that caused me to swerve to miss it.  I am very thankful that no collision occurred.

And after those 2 incidents, I was stuck in traffic & late to pick up my husband.  Sometimes, just getting through a day requires determination, fortitude, & a guardian angel or two.  I am thankful to be at home today, happy to be writing, & have enjoyed some time working outside in my yard.





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