Isn’t it incredible how often when we purchase something, it can lead to a much larger purchase and possibly a bigger project.  That recently happened when I purchased a can of wildflower seeds.  I was somewhat skeptical, but was willing to plant them and give them a try in a place where I didn’t yet have anything planted.  To my surprise, they’ve sprouted and are growing and now I’m feeling quite the gardener.

Wanting to protect them from the wild rabbits, I decided a picket fence would be the best choice and enlisted my husband to help with this project.  So off we go to purchase the fencing, the stakes to secure the fencing, and the cable or “zip” ties to hold the fencing onto the stakes.  It was quite a tedious project, as we had to hammer the stakes into the ground individually and then position each piece of picket fencing behind it and then secure them both with a zip tie.

Yes, you’re probably thinking that I’m married to a very patient man, indeed I am.  And speaking for all our family, we are all very blessed by his patience, and by his loving and caring nature.  I’m wishing him an early “Happy Father’s Day” with much love.




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