Remembering my Dad

Today’s blog is about my own Father, Hubert Aaron Phillips;  who was a Navy veteran of World War II, a Father to 3 children and grandfather to 6 children.  He was born in Livingston, Texas on August 24th in 1920, but later moved with his family to Ralls, Texas where he lived the remainder of his life.

My Mother recorded in her book of family history that his favorite color was blue (that is also my favorite color); his favorite song was “Sunrise Serenade” (not sure I’ve ever heard that one); and his hobbies included dancing, hunting, and flying airplanes.

He met my Mother in Ralls, Texas where they became engaged and were married on April 1st, 1943.  On January 23rd, 1945; my Dad was inducted into the Navy at El Paso, Texas and later sent to San Diego, California for training.  Mother called it “boat training” but he was on a submarine.  I remember him recounting many of his stories from when he was in the Navy, and when he got seasick.

My Mother also recorded the gifts that my father gave to her on her birthdays, and also where they lived when they were newly married.  He outlived my Mother and was alive when both of my children were born and visited us several times.  He never lost his sense of humor, or his appetite for good food, and was always ready to give his advice and his opinion.  He did love dancing and fishing, and realized the importance of taking a vacation.  He worked hard in the family grocery business until they sold it & then started his own business as a building contractor.  After suffering from a terrible fall from some scaffolding atop a building in Lubbock, Texas and undergoing surgery & a long recovery, he never lost his determined spirit.  For that I am very thankful.  Miss you Dad!



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