The official start of Summer begins this Wednesday, June 21st; according to and coincides with the Summer Solstice this year.

Summer may evoke images for us of spending more time outside than we do inside.  I particularly remember spending most of my summers at the local swimming pool when I was growing up.  And I spent many a summer night staring up at the sky because of the magnificent clarity of the constellations in the stars.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without some kind of vacation, which can generate memories for us that last a lifetime.  I was only 2 years old when my family went to Disneyland, and can still remember swirling around in teacups with my Dad.  That family trip was particularly memorable because my older brother got separated from the family and everyone was frantically searching for him.

However, when my brother Dwayne realized he had gotten separated from us; he went to wait at our car.  Now how can a 6yr old child find his family’s car in a parking lot among thousands of other cars?  But he was a very gifted child, my parents discovered.  And that summer was definitely one I will never forget.

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