Home Repair

Today I completed the final step in our recent home repair, and my husband and I are proud of what we learned and what we accomplished.

We had some rotted wood on the bottom trim board of our master bedroom window, and after watching a video with instructions for how to repair it; we purchased the necessary supplies and went to work.

After removing the old board that was thicker than our new one, we went back to the lumber yard for the correct size.  We then made the angle cuts on both ends and nailed it into place, only to discover that extra wood was also needed on one side to fill a gap.

The final step before painting was the caulking, which we did somewhat hurriedly because a storm was moving our way.  And the next day, I removed almost all of the caulking and redid it.  The new board was then ready to be painted, but the paint labeled for our exterior trim turned out to be the wrong color!

On the third day of this “quick and easy project” I went to buy the correct paint color and painted it the following day.  Four days to complete what should have been completed in one, tells me that we need to hire a good handyman for all future repairs.

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