Goodbye July

Yesterday was off to a good start; I was happy to see our swallows still in their nest and had made a plan to quickly run an errand for some supplies to finish up one of my back yard projects and then would sit down to write.  On my way home however, I had a tire “go flat” while driving on the freeway.  Even though I knew I would risk ruining the tire, I felt that I had to drive to the closest and safest place to stop.  That’s definitely not smart to do and yet it seemed like the only thing I could do at the time.

Stopping at a gas station, there was an air pump which cost $1.50 to use.  Remember when air pumps were located right there by the gasoline pumps and were free? I do, but apparently no more.  Despite its extremely loud noise and my ineptness at this process; the tire began to inflate and thankfully, I was able to drive home.



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