Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D (1924 -1998)

Beginning today, I’m going to be sharing from one of Leo Buscaglia’s books titled:  Born for Love.  He authored 14 books in his lifetime, which were mostly on the subject and experience of love.   I enjoy reading and re-reading this book, and find that it’s still very relevant for today’s world.

Starting on pg. 14, with the 2nd paragraph he writes:  “I read a story once of the very accomplished members of the Taft family.  They were apparently very good at recognizing abilities and specialities in family members.  When Martha Taft was in elementary school in Cincinnati, she was asked to introduce herself.”

She said,  “My name is Martha Bowers Taft.  My great-grandfather was President of the United States.  My grandfather was a United States Senator.  My daddy is Ambassador to Ireland.  And I am a Brownie.”

Leo F. Buscaglia


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