Barrier of Protection

On this last Friday in September, it is beginning to feel a little like fall weather is in the air.  And soon there will be festivals on the calendar for this fall season.

I’m sharing a Texas wildflower picture I took several years ago when I was in the Texas Panhandle.  What strikes me about this photo is that the tree branches are barren and thorny around the wildflowers; which provide a barrier of protection for them.

We all need protection; and seek it out for our lives.  And after the recent hurricanes, many cities are thinking about how to provide better protection from future threats.

I also like to think of prayer as protection.  And maybe the following prayer from the book “Praying through the names of God” by Tony Evans is exactly what I want to share for today.  From pg. 130, 2nd paragraph; He states:  “Thank you for the goodness of your protecting power and for the greatness of your strength.”



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