Yesterday was the first day submissions could be sent to the editor I met with at the SCBWI’s conference.

And thankfully, in spite of my lap top’s blinking battery light which came on just as I was typing up my newest children’s story, everything went successfully.  When doing my creative writing, I write by hand.

Waiting is the next step, which is always the most difficult one.

An Enduring Lesson of Love

Today is the last day that I’m sharing from Leo Buscaglia’s book, and hope his writing has been an inspiration.

He shares a description of his Mother in his book, Born for Love, saying that she didn’t talk about loving others; “It was something she lived in action.  She showed us  that love is found in sweeping a floor, cleaning a sink, caring for someone ill, or offering a comforting embrace.”  He tells us that she taught his family the greatest, most enduring lesson of their  lives; that love is “something to be lived and acted upon, day in and day out.” pg. 214, Born For Love.


True value of Life

Leo Buscaglia spoke about the obsession of possessions, which is relevant for us today.

“Without question, our society reinforces the idea of having more and then worshiping what we have.  We are induced to buy and buy again, then discard and buy newer and better and more.  It seems we are only reminded of the true value of love or life when we are faced with its loss.  This is a lesson that is as old as human history and it still takes some of us a lifetime to learn it.” pg. 282, Born for Love

Prayers today for recovery and healing by the residents of Mexico after the earthquake struck there yesterday.

Enthusiasm for Life

Leo Buscaglia stated that:  “We often become less impressed with life as we grow older.  We seem to encounter more bored grownups yawning their way through life with seemingly nothing left to be excited about.  I am pleased to report that it is not necessary to revert to childhood to reignite our enthusiasm for life.  All that is needed is to reclaim that small part of ourselves that finds joy in the commonplace and adventure in each moment.  It may be buried under a thick crust of gloom, but it is still very much alive within us all.” (pg. 85 of Born for Love)

I love this photograph of me & my friend Marge because her expression shows her infectious enthusiasm for life.



Leo Buscaglia tells us that  “Maturity entails a great deal more than just reaching full growth.  It means we have developed not only our mind, but emotional sensitivity as well.  It requires courage to face life’s challenges and intelligence to accept the unchangeable.  It means attempting to understand human behavior even though it continues to baffle and frustrate us.”

“The mature person knows there are many ways, many solutions, many conclusions.”

“Love doesn’t insist on perfection.  But it does require us to realize the important correlation between who we are, what we believe, and how we behave.”

Born For Love; pg. 208, 2nd through 4th paragraph