Barrier of Protection

On this last Friday in September, it is beginning to feel a little like fall weather is in the air.  And soon there will be festivals on the calendar for this fall season.

I’m sharing a Texas wildflower picture I took several years ago when I was in the Texas Panhandle.  What strikes me about this photo is that the tree branches are barren and thorny around the wildflowers; which provide a barrier of protection for them.

We all need protection; and seek it out for our lives.  And after the recent hurricanes, many cities are thinking about how to provide better protection from future threats.

I also like to think of prayer as protection.  And maybe the following prayer from the book “Praying through the names of God” by Tony Evans is exactly what I want to share for today.  From pg. 130, 2nd paragraph; He states:  “Thank you for the goodness of your protecting power and for the greatness of your strength.”



Magnificent Tree


Across from the Alamo in San Antonio

Wow, what a magnificent tree!  That’s what I said when I saw this tree near the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas; and am very happy with the picture I took in May, 2013.  And with just a little editing, this photo shows most of its original size.

Speaking of “trees”, it’s no coincidence that we use the term “family tree” when talking about our ancestors.  If your family enjoys tracing your genealogy, imagine what a large family this tree would represent.  I was happy to discover that my Mother wrote down ancestors from both her and my Dad’s family and the dates she recorded are from the early 1800’s!  I appreciate her diligence in passing along that treasure to our family.

Vibrant Green

Just to the top right of this photograph is the famous “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles, and at the top of this hill is also the Griffith Observatory.  When I took this photograph,  I wanted to capture the luscious color of green that is so vibrant in nature.  Beware if you go on a hiking tour, the roads twist and turn and it’s very easy to get lost.  I know, because it happened to me.  And pray the wildfires in California will be extinguished.


Blooming Cactus

I believe that this picture I took of a blooming cactus plant fits the definition of “oxymoron”, which means a combination of contradictory words.  Don’t you just love seeing that in this one plant?  Nature is a delight to behold, with intricate details.


Beauty of Creation

To remind us to take time to look at the beauty of nature around us, this week I will include photos I’ve taken that have captured my interest.  Recently we’ve seen many images from the devastation of hurricanes, and I hope we don’t forget the beauty of our natural world that God has created for us to enjoy and to protect.


Lily pond